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A New Back-to-School Resource for You

With school starting again, many parents are needing some new tips and ideas for the best ways to support their children. This is a great free webinar that I believe can be helpful to all parents, regardless the plan you have in place right now.

My thanks to Unyte and Integrated Listening Systems for granting permission for me to share it with you. Take care of yourselves!

On-Demand Webinar: COVID-19 Homeschooling with Kate & Mike Ortman
Returning to school this fall? What’s your plan? We are all making choices for our own reasons. No matter what you are planning for your family, join us for this webinar on navigating back to school.

Kate and Mike talk with Unyte-iLs’ Maggie Miller about the many challenges parents are facing while homeschooling their children during the pandemic.

Kate and Mike are both Unyte-iLs associates who have homeschooled their own children. They share valuable tips and tricks to better navigate this new homeschooling normal.
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