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When the World Shakes Its Fist and Says “Good Friday”

When the world shakes its fist and says, “Good Friday!” God comes back with dogwoods, redbuds and jonquils, the crocuses and butterflies of life and says, “Easter, Easter, Easter!” – Grady Nutt This quote hangs on the wall in my hallway. I’ve had it there for years, and it always reminds me that whatever I… Continue reading When the World Shakes Its Fist and Says “Good Friday”

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Co-Parenting During the Pandemic

If you are co-parenting your children, then you already know that situations like this are not really covered in your divorce or custody decree.  The AFCC (American Family and Conciliation Courts) and the AAML (American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers) issued a joint statement this past week with guidance for co-parents.  You can read it here.… Continue reading Co-Parenting During the Pandemic